It takes as long as it takes.

It’s been 8 years now since I started my first blog and somehow after 8 years of going all in on the relentless pursuit of my purpose, all while founding two businesses, literally living out of a suitcase, and embarking on a spiritual journey, it seems like it has all come full circle and I find myself writing about the one thing that started it all: LOVE.

My definition of LOVE is one that, like myself, has evolved throughout the years. Perhaps a previous version of myself would have said that love is a passionate, crazy, and inexplicable feeling you get when you think of another person you just can’t imagine yourself living without. Now I may say that love is when two people that admire and respect each other, water each other daily to grow to the highest version of themselves. Of course, there are many types of love. That is just one example of it, but we can find that love is actually in every single thing we do.

Without love, there is only fear. And if there’s one thing that I have learned on my path, is that love is the only thing that can drive us to reach our highest potential. Choosing love over fear is believing that there is a higher power conspiring in our favor. Choosing love over fear is relinquishing the sense that we can control everything and allowing for miracles to come into our lives. With infinite love comes infinite possibilities, and by shifting our mindset to reflect and attract all the love in the world we have the power to raise and align our vibration with the universe and allow ourselves to create whatever we dream.

So, as you join me on this journey of love, keep dreaming and remember:

The Universe is on your side.



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