Mexican Terroir

100% Mexican
19.4326° N, 99.1332° W
‎2,250 m (7,380 ft)

1985 Vintage 

The Sonoran heat fires my heart while the Pacific waters of Mazatlan guide the flow of my mermaid spirit. From the ever bustling Ciudad de Mexico, to the pleasant suburbs of Anaheim, California, my terroir is made up of my experiences of growing up in a constant state of change and a gene pool made up of relentless characters and strong-willed people who never took no for an answer.

I often nostalgically remember listening, in awe, to the repetitive stories my grandfather told of our family being descendants of Joaquin Murrieta and feeling a deep sense of pride to have such a fiery spirit within me. Today, my mother retells the stories of my grandfather’s travels across the Mexican territory selling the product of his lands in the Valle del Yaqui, Sonora, comparing his adventures to the ones we have had driving across endless landscapes of mountains, swampland, and arid lands across Mexican territories that the agaves have so effortlessly granted us. The same agaves that have given us a sense of purpose, a sense of identity, and a sense of fulfillment in what we now do. I never thought mezcal and sharing my passion for Mexico would be the center of my existence, but as I’ve come to learn over the years, the best things in life happen unexpectedly and when you have patience.

Now, after 9 years from the first time I stepped foot in Oaxaca and after quite a bit of patience, I look back on the experiences and joy that agave and mezcal have brought to my life. Sure, the journey sometimes was rocky and there were many instances when the thought of turning back seemed to overcome the desire to keep moving forward. But in the end, if I could sum up the biggest lesson in all of this it would be knowing when to make a pit stop to recharge, take another look at the map, and notice there are always alternate routes to get to wherever you need to be.

OME is Mexican terroir. It is the tale of one agave that grows in two separate and completely different regions of Mexico.

And that is how OME was born.

OME is an expression of regionality and tradition. Just as the places where we were born and the traditions of the people who raised us define us, agaves in Mexico are an expression of the diverse regions, micro-endemic climates, and the cultural richness of the families who have raised them for centuries.

OME is Mexican terroir. It is the tale of one agave that grows in two separate and completely different regions of Mexico. From “Norte a Sur”, the Angustifolia varietal takes on the character and personality of the region in which it grows. The soil, climate, terrain, and traditional production processes of each region are all reflected in the unique characteristics and nuances captured within each expression.

And ultimately, OME is Mexican identity. It is a representation of two of our most recognized protected designations of origin: Bacanora and Mezcal. It is a celebration of everything that makes us great as Mexicans: diversity, ancient traditions, an innate sense of joy and friendship, and pride in everything we do. It is with OME that I intend to tell the story of my identity, my terroir. And I hope that with a single sip (or two, or more), everyone will know about my Mexican terroir.



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